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At Commercial Glass & Shower Installation we take care of all your Kenilworth shower door needs. We supply, repair and install all types of shower doors including frameless shower doors, glass shower doors, shower enclosures, and custom shower doors. To ensure your satisfaction as our customers we use top-quality materials only and our selection is guaranteed to match your style and requirements. Our contractors can advise and provide you with the glass doors you desire.  Our installations are known to be solid and strong and will last you for a long time. Our designers will ensure a modern and sleek look for your bathroom to match your needs.


We are very experienced at creating custom shower doors that are unique to your specific requirements. We will work with you to understand your vision and needs and we will design and build it to match your vision. Besides our renown installation services we also repair shower doors and related services across Kenilworth. To guarantee that your shower doors installation is done to the highest standard and will last you for a long time our contractors use the latest equipment and techniques. To finally get the bathroom you always dreamed of does not have to cost an arm and a leg and the prices of our services will allow you to achieve your vision.

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Glass Shower Doors

Our wide range of best quality glass shower doors is very well priced and very affordable. We will assist and advise you in selecting the best option from our wide range. Our range is guaranteed to include the option that will bring out the best in your bathroom to make the most of this space. Glass doors look clean even after many years of use and they are easy to maintain. These glass doors are also surprisingly strong and will not break easily at all. You will be able to enjoy them for many years to come. Contact us for our wide selection and great offers today!

Frameless Shower Doors

We are well known for our range of frameless shower doors of superb quality. Our variety offers you a choice in designs to select the one that best suits your taste and style. The frameless shower door is ideal for all bathrooms from big to small. The lack of frame around the door is not present on these doors creating an open and sleek look that enhances the space around it. To ensure your complete satisfaction we always deliver as promised and we use only the best quality materials available.

Sliding Shower Doors

The beauty of our sliding doors is their very silent sliding action. These top of the range sliding doors are available in Kenilworth and will keep you delighted for a long time. If space is a bit of an issue and you need to work a bit cautiously then a sliding shower door is the way to go. The doors do not rotate to open and close and hence do not require the space to do so either. They are great for tighter space or when another piece is in the way, like the toilet. No matter what your unique shower set-up needs are, we will have the unique sliding shower door design to meet your needs. All our designs have been done by professionals to be efficient and are well thought through to provide you with the best options.

Custom Shower Doors

We also supply and install unique customer shower doors to those who require a more personalized and customized area. If you are working on a budget these doors are ideal for our customers in Kenilworth. We will work with you to fully understand your requirements and ideas and create a design and installation that will make your vision come true at the price that suits you. Our specialists are trained and very experienced in all types of glass shower doors installation projects and we can guarantee the utmost efficient results.

Shower Door Installation

Where it comes to any type of shower doors installation you can be sure to know that our specialists have the experience, skill and knowledge to deliver the best service across Kenilworth. We have perfected the installation process to its most efficient version through years of trial and error and we happily use our process for all your installations. Our projects deliver excellent results and we pride ourselves on delivering as promised. This makes us the most company for all shower doors installation projects in Kenilworth. We are the top and most affordable choice and you are welcome to contact us for all your shower door needs.

Glass Shower Enclosures

In the event that you were looking for the best in quality shower enclosures from glass, then you are on the right page. You are sure to find the glass shower enclosures you need amongst our wide range of offerings. Only the best and most durable materials are used in the manufacturing of our glass shower enclosures ensuring that they are durable and very safe. We also have friendly specialists that are happy to assist you in making the best choice for your area and requirements. We will assist you with every detail from the initial choices to the finishing touches to make your dreams of style and flowing elegance come true.

Bathroom Glass Doors

Glass doors do not obstruct the flow of light and can make your bathroom a lot brighter without extra lights. This is especially useful in a small bathroom as bright light makes it look bigger. These doors look very modern and create a clean and sleek look in any bathroom. We have an impressive selection of glass bathroom doors for your consideration. Any glass door that has been manufactured to the required specifications and installed properly will last you for a long time, even with heavy use. Contact us today if you need reliable and experienced professionals to supply and install your glass bathroom door in Kenilworth.

Glass Shower Wall

We have a glass shower wall for any size bathroom, big or small. Glass shower walls do not obstruct your view and creates an impression of an open and uncluttered bathroom. This can make your bathroom look bigger and add a feeling of additional space. A glass shower wall is perfect if you want a modern bathroom and will add beauty and charm. Create a bright and spacious bathroom with minimalistic elegance with a glass shower wall by Commercial Glass & Shower Installation.

Commercial Glass & Shower Installation - WHAT WE DO FOR KENILWORTH?

Our team of professionals will provide the best quality results in every project, do yourself a favor and give us a try!

Professional Advice

We provide professional advice and guidance to help you to select the best glass shower doors to perfectly fit your bathroom.


Planning Precision

We are very experienced at the planning of projects and this gives us fantastic attention to detail and we include even the smallest elements in our precise planning. This makes our project delivery on time and delivers great results.


Materials of High-Quality

Our varied selection of many shower glass doors is all manufactured of the highest quality materials. Our custom shower doors are designed and installed only by professionals to guarantee results.


Projects Designs

We have a lot of experience with project designs and you can easily find one to meet your needs, or we create one for you.


Your Vision

We will work with you to understand your ideas and requirements so we can make your vision come true.


The Best Results

Our aim is to deliver the best results to you and your complete satisfaction is our main drive and priority.

How to Select the Shower Glass Door That Is Right for Your Bathroom – Let Our Shower Glass Doors Experts In Kenilworth Assist

There are many ways to design unique and customized glass shower doors to fit any space and function. At Commercial Glass & Shower Installation we can design, supply and install the customized shower door to fit into your specific space and meet your requirements. We make your ideas and dreams your new reality. A popular choice in bathroom designs is the frameless shower doors. This hinged door has no frame making it clear and offering no obstruction in your view. You will be able to showcase the intricate tile work, mural or designs in your shower as well as the decorative features you added. This door adds a modern and sleek look to any bathroom design. It is a timeless classic. You could also opt for sliding shower doors. These come in any size you need for your shower with a single or double sliding door. These sliding doors provide a touch of sophistication to your bathroom without taking up space like in the case of a hinged door. The elegance of a neatly slid open sliding door and the functionality it adds are additional benefits of this type of door. In the event that our wide selection of glass shower doors does not meet your needs we are more than able to create a customized glass shower door for your unique requirements. With our expertise and experience the options are limitless and you can design the glass shower door you have always wanted to your hearts delight as we can supply and install it. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your style, functions, space, and budget to assist you in choosing the glass shower door that best suits your needs. To ensure that we deliver the best results we use only the best quality materials. We aim to delight you with our results and give you the glass shower doors of your dreams. We make your bathroom dream a reality.