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Shower glass doors, frameless shower doors, sliding shower doors? Our Glass Company provides glass shower doors installation and repairs in Chicago and suburban area!

Commercial Windows & Glass Company in Chicago has your shower door needs covered. We provide services such as glass shower door installations, frameless shower doors, shower enclosures, and custom shower doors Chicago. Our contractors can provide the glass doors that you have always wanted in your home. We only use the highest quality of materials in order to provide the best outcome for our customers. Our shower glass doors chicago are sturdy and would last you for years. We will make sure that your bathroom would have the modern look that you have always wanted. When it comes to our custom shower doors, we can do any design that you desire. All you need to do is tell us what you would like your shower door to look like and we can achieve that look for you. We don’t stop our services from installations, we also provide repairs for your shower doors in Chicago.


Our contractors are well equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to ensure that your shower doors are well executed and will last you for years. Our services in Chicago are affordable and we will make sure that you wouldn’t have to break the bank in order to have the bathroom that you have always dreamt of!

Glass Shower Doors Chicago

We provide high-quality shower glass doors in Chicago with the most affordable prices. Our experts will help you choose from our wide selection of shower glass doors. The shower glass doors we provide can enhance the look of your bathroom and help it reach the highest potential of your space. The glass we use is easy to maintain, and it looks clean even after a long time. It is also sturdy enough to last for years so contact us for our best offers today!

Frameless Shower Doors Chicago

For excellent quality frameless shower doors, we are your number one choice in Chicago. We provide different frameless shower door designs to give you the flexibility to choose if which one fits you the most. Frameless shower doors are perfect for small and big bathroom sizes. They can also optimize the space of any bathroom size by removing visible boundaries created by traditional shower doors. We only utilize high-grade materials to ensure your satisfaction and make sure to deliver on time.

Sliding Shower Doors Chicago

Our sliding shower doors offer a quiet sliding action. We provide top of the line sliding shower doors in Chicago that you can enjoy for years. Sliding shower doors are the ideal option if you wish to reduce the space, which shower doors occupy when opened. We have a wide array of unique sliding shower door designs that can be suitable for your needs. Our designs are well-thought and they are optimized by our professionals to provide you the best options.

Custom Shower Doors Chicago

We provide high-quality custom shower doors to all homeowners who want to achieve a more personalized space. These are also ideal for our customers in Chicago who want to make the most out of their budget. To satisfy your needs, we will listen to your ideas and apply it to every step of installing your custom shower doors. Our experts also have the skills needed to install the best custom shower doors you chose with utmost efficiency.

Shower Door Installation Chicago

Our experts have the skills and experience needed to provide the best shower door installation service in Chicago for you. With our years of serving the community, we have created the most efficient installation process. With precise planning and accurate execution, all the projects we handle turns into a success. We also deliver on time, making us one of the most reliable companies in the area. For fast and affordable shower door installation, we are your best choice.

Glass Shower Enclosures Chicago

If you are looking for top-quality glass shower enclosures in Chicago, you landed in the right place. We offer a wide selection of glass shower enclosures that may fit the one you need. Our glass shower enclosures are made with durable materials, making it a safe and long-lasting solution. Our experts will also assist you from choosing the right design for your space. From start to finishing touches, we will guide you to make the best decisions to achieve seamless beauty and style.

Bathroom Glass Door Chicago

Our bathroom glass doors are among the best you can find. If you need the most reliable professionals to install the right glass door for your space in Chicago, ask us right away.

Glass Shower Wall Chicago

Our glass shower walls are excellent for any bathroom size in Chicago. It helps to optimize the space in your bathroom and make it look less cluttered. Contact us to see our best designs.

Commercial Windows & Glass Company Chicago - HOW WE DO?

Our team of professionalists will provide the best quality to every project, try us!

Professional Advice

We provide professional advice that can help you to choose the best shower glass door that fits your space.


Precise Planning

With amazing precision of details, our planning is one of the biggest factors that makes our projects successful and delivered on time.


High-Quality Materials

Our wide selection of glass shower doors are all made of high-quality materials. When we make custom shower doors, we only involve the best.


Projects Designs

You can choose from our wide selection of pristine designs to find the one that suits your needs.


Your Ideas

We can turn your ideas into reality. We will listen to your needs and let it lead the project.


The Best Results

Our drive is to provide you with the best results possible and your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Which Shower Glass Door Is Right for Your Bathroom - Trust Our Shower Glass Doors Experts Chicago

There are many ways on how you can customize your glass shower doors in Chicago. Our shower glass doors company in Chicago can customize doors that will fit any space and can turn your ideas into reality. Our frameless shower glass doors are installed with hinged door is the popular choice because it brings a clean, modern edge to any bathroom style design. If you have clear glass installed, it will show off the great tilework and other decorative features that you may have in the bathroom. Sliding glass doors, on the other hand, are available in double or single doors to fit any size of your shower. Sliding shower glass doors give that sophisticated look for your bathroom that can take up less space than other hinged doors. Another great benefit of sliding doors is it can give your bathroom an elegant look and practical designs. If you are not able to decide with the models that we have, we can customize any glass shower doors that you may have in mind. With our company, there are many possible options for the glass shower doors that you desire for your bathroom. Our team will consider your budget, available space, the style that you want, and other factors, such as what is the best glass shower door for you. We only use the highest quality materials to ensure that the outcome of our projects is well beyond your expectations. Our contractors will ensure that you will get the glass showers doors that you have always wanted!

The Shower Glass Doors Trend and Why You Should Get One - Shower Glass Doors & Enclosures Chicago

The bathing area is usually the main focus of a bathroom remodeling. The classic go-to style is the tub-shower-combo because it is more budget-friendly and a space-saver. Nowadays, shower glass doors are becoming a trend, thanks to it being cost-efficient, space-saving while also giving your bathing space a classy look. Having shower door installation for a walk-in shower is a good option if you want to personalize your bathroom. You can go with a frameless glass shower door or even custom glass shower doors for your bathing space.
The glass shower doors are water repellant and remarkably easy to clean. One of the most common glass shower doors installations done in Chicago is the sliding type. It only requires a track at top and bottom which will act as a guide for the shower door. This is usually done if you want to keep a tub and shower combo. Another type of glass shower doors in Chicago is a swinging glass door. It doesn’t require any track to be installed making it look more open.
Using a glass shower enclosure is also an option. Glass shower doors contractors in Chicago use lightweight and sturdy tempered glass. Using this material is popular because it does not break the bank. If you want the focal point of your bathroom to be the patterned tiles or the elegant rustic theme, frameless shower enclosures are the better option. Since it only sets up minimal metal works, it is almost invisible making the other parts of the bathroom more noticeable.
Designing your bathroom is better with your personal touch. Contact us today to help you with your shower door needs. We also offer glass shower door repair in Chicago.

Endless Possibility With Chicago Glass Company - Frameless Shower Doors & Glass Shower Doors For Every Bathroom

When it comes to selecting your shower glass doors in Chicago, the decision on whether to install frameless shower doors or a framed ensemble is necessary. Both of them have their own benefits, and it’s a matter of aesthetics and functionality that will aid in making a decision in which type of shower glass doors you’d want to install. You have to consider the existing available space and the style that you desire. Also, you have to decide if you would rather have a swing open shower door or if you would rather have sliding shower doors.

When you have selected the style that you want, the next step will be to take the measurements of the place where your shower doors will be positioned. The dimensions should include any framework that will be added, as well as the hardware necessary to keep the shower doors in place. Once we’ve got the dimensions, our contractors will make sure that your shower glass doors are made to fit the area perfectly. The type of glass to be used will also need to be selected. Some people choose clear styles, while others prefer opaque or frosted glass for privacy reasons. With our shower doors installation in Chicago, you can make sure that you will get the best for your bathroom.

Bathroom in black and white with walk in shower

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Shower Door Styles You Must Know - Frameless Shower Doors & Shower Enclosures Chicago

Shower enclosures are a crucial part that affects the lifestyle, budget, level of privacy you're comfortable with, and the amount of time you are willing to invest for daily cleanup. Here are some of the glass shower door styles that we offer in Chicago.


Contemporary shower doors like sliding shower doors and frameless glass showers are a fresh and inspiring way to minimalism’s sleek elegance. It allows you to create a more open environment and enable you to see through from the enclosures. Instead of choosing a bulky shower door, contemporary shower doors in Chicago will give you a sleek, modern, and trendy aesthetic combined with beautiful tiles.


Our modern shower doors in Chicago consist of a clean, clear, and crisp style with different patterns on the surface. To add a bit of visual look in your bathroom, our custom glass shower doors in Chicago can help you to customize a design that will fit your style.


The Industrial shower door might be for you if you’re into classic or head-turning addition to your bathroom. You can choose between a high contrast or dark fixture with a texture on its panel to create a little more privacy. Our Industrial shower doors in Chicago are elegant and refined.


If you want glass enclosures that prevent you from being seen from either side, traditional shower enclosures are safer and functional on both sides. We have a collection of traditional shower doors in Chicago that will provide a luxurious look for any period of the bathroom.

Does Framed Or Frameless Make A Difference When Choosing Shower Glass Doors Chicago? Shower Enclosures Chicago Experts

Before proceeding with glass shower doors installation for your bathroom in Chicago, know the difference between a framed glass shower door and a frameless glass shower door.

Framed Shower Glass Door
Framed shower glass doors are typically found in modern homes. You can browse through a wide range of frame selections to find the best design for your bathroom’s color scheme. You can also choose from a plethora of glass and finish options. Framed glass shower doors for your home bathroom in Chicago is a great choice if you want a traditional look. Be sure to hire professional contractors to do the shower doors installation for you to secure proper and safe handling.

Frameless Shower Glass Door
On the other hand, if you want custom shower doors for your home bathroom in Chicago, it is best to go with frameless shower doors that look sophisticated and rich. This gives a cleaner aesthetic without any frame to outline the walls and the shower door. It also adds a spacious vibe to your bathroom. On top of all that, it is easy to maintain. With frameless glass shower doors in Chicago, you can get a perfect view through the shower. Some people prefer a clear glass or low-iron glass so they can see through the structure. For timeless and fabulous looking shower glass doors for your bathroom in Chicago, go for frameless shower enclosures.

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” I had my custom shower done by your company, and I am very satisfied with the results. My shower glass door has never looked this good! “

Jonathan Moore

” Choosing your shower glass door company is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Your contractors were very friendly and professional. I am very happy with my glass shower door! “

Michael Smith

” I noticed a few cracks on my shower door, so I decided to contact your shower glass doors company. The job was done very efficiently and my shower door has never looked this good! “

Kyle Rogers

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We at Commercial Windows & Glass Company create perfect shower doors that can make your bathroom less cluttered. The materials we use are high-quality and we make sure to provide the shower door you hope for.


If you want excellent-quality frameless shower doors in Chicago, we are your best option. We offer pristine and durable designs that can transform the look of your bathroom. Frameless shower doors can maximize the space of your bathroom in the most beautiful way.


For top-quality sliding shower doors in Chicago, our experts will walk you through a wide selection of different designs. This is a great option if you want to enjoy great functionality and incredible convenience.


If you want to add a touch of personality to your bathroom, we also provide custom shower doors. Tell us your ideas and we will realize it for you. Your satisfaction is our priority.