Multiple benefits of a semi-Frameless Shower Door

Bathroom design has significantly changed over the last few years and a functional and visually appealing shower is important. Glass shower doors can play both a practical, as well as a decorative function in the bathroom. Despite the extensive range of glass shower enclosures, semi-frameless shower doors have increased in popularity for their functional, elegant and sleek look. As a homeowner, at the moment of bathroom upgrade and shower doors installation, you need our company experts’ support to get the desired results.

Limitless Layouts
Framed glass shower enclosures are old-fashioned and limiting compared to frameless sliding shower doors. Frameless shower glass doors come in a wide range of sizes and designs and regardless of homeowners’ preferences, they add value to your home by maximizing space and creating an airy and crisp bathroom look. A Frameless Difference is created when our company steps in and eliminates all the clunky frames and unappealing u-channels.

Easy Cleaning
A frameless shower door is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also more hygienic and way easier to clean. Traditional framed shower doors accumulate more moisture, soap and mineral build up, fostering mold and bacteria growth. This problem is minimized with the Frameless Shower Doors Stay Clean glass, which is coated with an optically transparent substance that makes glass resistant to weathering and allows easier cleaning. Stay Clean technology makes your glass shower doors water and oil resistant.

Spacious Bathroom
Compared to the more traditional framed shower doors, frameless sliding shower doors let more natural and artificial light through and open up the space in your bathroom, making it appear larger, brighter and more spacious. Mirrors also open up space and help to hide ugly plumbing. In contrast, when shower doors are framed, even luxurious and expensive bathrooms can look congested and clunky.

Highly Functional Doors
Frameless shower doors can be opened in any direction, inward and outward, making them highly functional. This is a big advantage over framed doors, which can be only opened outward.

Our company is amongst the oldest and most reliable shower enclosures companies in the market. Unlike most competitors, we can produce premium glass items in different colors and an array of custom designs. We are ready to assist you with frameless shower doors installation. Contact us now.