Choosing the right glass shower door doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You may question yourself if you should get a brand new shower door installation or simply upgrade the current one, or you may just be starting your hunt for the right company to perform the service. There are numerous factors that must be taken into consideration such as:
How much space does my bathroom currently have, and how much more do I need? What is the best design style for my bathroom? What type of finishings do I need, if any? What things have I not yet considered? There is no need to feel pressured or overwhelmed when you can take your time and consult with us. We will patiently go over all your concerns.

The buyer’s guide that we created for those curious to know more is designed to aid in making your shower door decision as seamless and stress-free as possible. You will learn how to shop for shower enclosures that fit your bathroom and guide you towards making the best purchase.
Several important elements like typical style and availability  will be considered prior to the purchase of a door.
The following FAQ section will help you in preparation for your upcoming project. Is being unsure of your decision causing you anxiety? No need to worry. Continue reading to know how to best go about undertaking a glass door installation.


Beauty and aesthetic appeal is important when shopping for new glass shower doors. However, being pretty is not enough and you could be overlooking important factors. You should keep in mind that factors such as budget, door measurements, floor space and material types should be considered so that you can get the results you are actually looking for without the job becoming time-consuming or overwhelming.
Below is a list of important factors to take into consideration when needing to choose a door that will give you the most suitable results.


Necessary steps should be taken to avoid the wrong size door. It’s vital to get the right measurements before choosing the proper shower enclosure. A wrong choice in measurements normally means wasting time and money to try to fix it, so the best practice is to get it right the first time.
No guesswork should be involved. Precise measurements are taken with a tape measure in order to get the most accurate numbers, typically in millimeters, regarding length, width, height, and depth. You can use the measurements from current shower trays if you are simply replacing a previous shower door that’s already been installed.


Your shower’s current location or space where you want it at are very important when selecting the right shower door. Corner showers have less space for any door, unlike showers that are in the middle of a wall, so it’s best to choose a door for your specific circumstance and location.

The art of making your space around you as comfortable as possible, feng shui,  has a lot to do with making sure everything fits perfectly within a designated area. It can be tempting to always look for the bigger option when buying glass shower doors, but it’s important to stick to your measurements, not pick the wrong size for your space,  and avoid unnecessary headaches during installation.
Shower enclosures are commonly found in sizes 800 x 800mm and 900 x 900mm but other customizable sizes can be made by a specialist.
If your bathroom is small, take precaution when buying a shower door that could be too tall, wide or deep to let you move freely and comfortably. Your shower plans should be as precise as possible, especially if it is not large.
However, larger sized bathrooms have ample space for many more details, yet sometimes less is more. You can go with bigger showers that give off an open and airy aesthetic that’s desirable and appealing to many.


Planning on a budget and sticking to the budget are two different things. It’s easy to get lost in the joy of shopping for things when you start browsing through so many new products, especially when you cannot afford them. The key to avoiding unnecessary frustration during this process is to plan a comfortable budget and then heavily rely on it to make the affordable decisions.
How can one best stick to a budget? First of all, taking a look at your finances beforehand will help get a clear budget and save you time by avoiding procrastination  and uncertainty. Then, you can browse online stores using the option to filter by price, so that you can stick to your decision even easier. This allows you to avoid overspending by removing the temptation due to simply focusing on the right designs that are within your budget.
The important thing is getting quality and function, since all shower doors have the same purpose.
Don’t forget that shower trays should also be considered once you install a new shower door enclosure, which would increase the cost more along with other key shower features.


WIth so many designs that are readily available to choose from, it can become a daunting task to even know where to begin. To help narrow your options down, carefully think about the design you want and choose among those that are within budget. You can go for modern and sleek, clean and sophisticated  or any perfect combination based on your specific preferences. If you want elegance, choose transparent glass, or if you need more privacy, then frosted glass is great!
Be sure to include attractive and creative bathroom accessories that enhance the desired look of your room.


The following are important factors to consider when having to choose among shower door finishing. Personal style and desired look is a great start in determining the finished product.


Clear glass creates an illusion of added space to bathrooms that are smaller. It’s suited for most bathrooms due to its modern, classy look. In addition, it works perfectly well with intricate details that can be displayed within a tiled shower or even on its own.


Highlight your shower’s relaxing or vibrant energy with the use of frosted glass doors opaque finish. These are great for more privacy since they don’t allow much light in. Nevertheless, they may be harder to keep clean than transparent glass because dirt and grime hides well among its pattern.


Patterned shower doors are more translucent than frosted finishes and can be designed with a variety of patterns such as raindrop-shaped.


Walk in-showers vary from shower door types in which the latter is meant to prevent water from escaping.. Depending on the style and space, different shower doors can be installed. Next, you can find the most common shower door types.


Hinged doors bring a timeless simplicity to door designs and are readily available in many different styles and shapes. They can open and close along the hinges side or be used with straight or curved shower enclosures.
As well as being secure, they prevent water or steam damage in your bathroom. hinged doors are best for large bathrooms since they open out into a room, so some clearance space is needed. Ideally, they can be found in square or rectangular shower enclosures and can be matched to any bathroom.


Other simple and highly functional door types include pivot doors which open and shut as normal. They could also come in the variety that open inward or outward depending on available space and sense of style. Another stylishly simplistic door type, pivot doors simply open and shut. They can also be designed to open inward or outward depending on your personal preference and how much space you have. Doors that open outward could cause cartpers to become soaked if not taken care of properly. Note that since pivot doors open wide and lay flat against the wall of the shower enclosure, nothing can be stored on the side that stops the door from fully opening. Pivot doors are also ideal for large bathrooms and should be avoided in small bathrooms to avoid feeling cramped. These do work well in non-slip floors and wet room bathrooms that are going for that spa-like look.

Small bathrooms may benefit from sliding shower doors as they create a smaller, more compact shower enclosure. Any type of shower enclosure shape can benefit from a sliding door, including curved enclosures. There are a variety of sliding doors to cater for all shapes of shower enclosures.
Another advantage of using sliding shower doors in a smaller bathroom is that it doesn’t take up any extra room. You do not have to worry about allowing for extra space, as they do not open outwards.
Guest bathrooms are frequently smaller compared to master bathrooms. This makes sliding shower doors an ideal solution for all guest bathroom shower enclosures.
The only disadvantage is that the space to enter the shower is limited. This should not be much of a problem, as guest bathrooms are generally not in use as frequently as master bathrooms.

Another solution is bi-folding glass shower doors. This option is both practical and distinctly elegant. You can choose between a two- or a three-fold in your bi-folding door. It’s a great space saving option and certainly more stylish compared to traditional shower doors.
Bi-fold doors look fantastic in contemporary bathrooms and can turn shower enclosures into bathroom focal points. A bi-fold door is what you need if you want to give your bathroom an instant boost of elegance and flair.

You can even consider doing away with all shower enclosures. By creating a wet room instead, you have the option of installing your shower head anywhere without being limited to the shower enclosure area.
The fact that you do not need to protect the remainder of the room from water is another great advantage. Perhaps the installation of a wet room is the ideal solution if none of the aforementioned shower door alternatives appeal to you.
Wet rooms are aesthetically pleasing, with a big advantage if you or any family members suffer from mobility issues. There is no step up into shower enclosures nor the need to step into a bath. It simplifies bathroom mobility and reduces the risk of falling.
Wet rooms look impressive in any house. They look natural and spacious and can add special appeal to your home. A wet room also has a liberating quality because you are not tied to a separate, contained space and you do not need to worry about excessive splashing.

There are a variety of shower enclosures available in all kinds of designs. This makes choosing one over the other quite difficult. To help you make a decision, we have summarized the most popular designs and styles here for you.

Quadrant shower enclosures have a triangular-shaped door that is intended to utilize a bathroom corner to save space. It can be a good solution in any bathroom, but it’s mainly used in smaller bathrooms.

Similar to the quadrant enclosure, the offset quadrant shower enclosure is specifically designed to fit into a bathroom corner. The difference is that this enclosure is considerably longer, therefore you can have the benefit of a larger shower, without using excessive available bathroom space.

This name describes this shape perfectly, as this type of enclosure is designed to occupy the same amount of space as a regular bath. If you enjoy a larger shower area and have adequate bathroom space, this type of enclosure is a great choice.

The square shower option is both functional and stylish. You have a large variety of glass shower doors to choose from and this type of enclosure makes good use of bathroom corners.

This type of shower enclosure shares some similarity with the quadrant shower enclosures. The back is straight, and it is installed along a straight wall. It is a chic curved enclosure. This type can also be installed in the middle of the wall a
s a bathroom focal point.

Frameless shower doors and enclosures are as described in the name, without frame. With the absence of a visible frame, this enclosure is ultra-chic and aesthetically pleasing. This option will result in a more luxurious bathroom space.

By this point you will hopefully have a better idea which shower door would be best suited to your bathroom space. You may just want to upgrade your existing shower enclosure or perhaps you are planning on a new installation. Keep all the above-mentioned options in mind to assist you with your decision-making process.
Factors to consider are your personal preferences as well as the design of your bathroom. Choosing your ideal glass shower doors and bathroom finishes are based on your taste. Always keep in mind the size of the space before making your final decision.
Smaller spaces may mean that you are more restricted in choosing suitable glass shower doors. Larger spaces mean that you have many more options available to you, to create your dream bathroom.

Usually, the cost of a new shower door installation is around £130 to £450. The cost does depend greatly on which shower door you choose to install.
For example, if you choose to go with frameless shower doors, you will be paying quite a bit more as this type of door is more expensive compared to the framed type. The type of glass you choose also affects the price, as tempered glass is a more expensive type of glass. Tempered glass is specifically strengthened to be much safer, stronger, and stable compared to regular glass.

This buying guide will help you to choose the ideal shower glass doors for your bathroom. Whether your budget is severely restricted or sizable, we have compiled a list of some factors that will affect the cost of your new shower doors installation.

There are options available when it comes to glass thickness. It is measured in millimeters and the options are 4, 5, 6, 8, or 10mm. The thicker type of glass is more expensive, but at the same time safer and more durable.

The shower enclosure size will affect the pricing, as larger enclosures require more material in the manufacturing process. Should you decide to go with a custom size, this will certainly increase the price as the shower specialists will build it specifically to your requirements.

The style of the enclosure does not really affect the price too much, however you may find that some styles are more expensive than others. The designs generally start at reasonable prices but increase depending on materials and size.

As with so many things, brand names can affect pricing. It is a good idea to do some prior research as sometimes expensive does not add up to high quality.

Choosing accessories to add to your shower will affect the price, but at the same time compliment your shower experience. They can make your shower more functional and better-looking overall. Items like wastes and handles are good examples of accessories.

The type of shower door you choose depends on your personal preferences, requirements, and your bathroom style. Another important factor in deciding on the right shower glass doors for you, is the size of your bathroom. The size may restrict you in your choice of glass shower doors.
There are so many options to choose from, making it quite challenging to narrow your choice down to just one. Traditional transparent glass shower doors are excellent for making the shower look clean and stylish. Frosted shower glass doors however, can be a fine choice for those that enjoy a bit more privacy.
The framing is another point to consider. You can choose between framed, semi-framed and frameless. A frame goes all the way around the glass panel and defines the border.
The framed glass shower doors have frames that are generally made from aluminum or composite material and are quite attractive. The frames are available in a variety of different finishes, giving you plenty of choice to accurately match to your current bathroom finishes.
Frameless shower doors are easier to clean. They can make small bathroom spaces appear larger, whereas framed doors may make the space feel more confined.
The glass used for frameless shower doors is about three quarters of an inch thick. This makes the frameless shower doors heavier and easier to use. The glass panels can include a durable towel rail, increasing the functionality of your shower enclosure.
The semi-framed glass shower doors option draws on the advantages of the other two options. They have a metal frame around the edge but make use of frameless shower doors. This option gives the bathroom a clean and stylish finish.