Tips for Cleaning Your Brand-New Glass Shower Doors

It feels good to own new glass shower doors but this feeling will not last if the doors are dirty. Dirt and grime may cause your new shower glass doors to appear dingy and aged. Fortunately, we can help. Our experts at Commercial Windows & Glass Company provide some excellent tips to make sure your new glass shower doors remain in excellent condition.

Let’s Begin Cleaning

Very few people are thrilled by household chores. Certainly, one of the most tedious tasks is perfectly squeegeeing shower doors and walls after every use. Nevertheless, this is actually much more helpful than a hindrance. Frequent squeegee use helps to reduce mildew, hard-water stains, and mineral buildup. This is incredibly helpful as long as you have plenty of patience, energy, and time.

Shower Door Cleaning Strategies

First of all, hard water and soap are the nasty instigators of your foggy and filthy glass shower enclosures. Etching and permanent glass damage may be caused by the soapy and hard water buildup that accumulates on glass shower surfaces. Although cleaning will take care of buildup, the etching has no cure. For this reason, it is best to prevent the etching by thoroughly wiping your shower each time you use it, utilizing a microfiber cloth or a squeegee.

Try Microfiber Cloths and A Squeegee

Microfiber cloths are a go-to tool for combating water spotting and buildup and are also recognized for their ability to clean in hard-to-reach places, like in tight corners or beneath door handles. Wring the clothes out tightly each time you finish with them and be sure to wash them at least one time per week.

What Is Next?

After the shower has been wiped down, complete the task by way of a quick misting using a daily cleaner. You can utilize any product you find at your local store, or even concoct your own recipe. Once employing this method, you will not have to worry about this issue recurring.

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Contact us today for additional information for maintaining your shower doors sparkling clean. We will ensure your shower door maintains its brand-new appearance and also recommend excellent solutions. Converse with us and find even more suggestions for extending the life of your glass shower door. Perhaps you are unsure if you require traditional shower doors, frameless shower doors, or sliding shower doors. Whichever type you chose, call us or come see us at Windows & Glass Company soon. We are located in the Chicago area.